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Posted By: Strollin' Johnny
22-Sep-04 - 09:50 AM
Thread Name: fingernail strengthening
Subject: RE: fingernail strengthening
Murray, depends on how much you play and how hard you pull at the strings! I have gels on index, middle and ring fingers (I use a thumbpick) and I can get 4-5 weeks between refits. With the acrylics I only got 3 weeks. Gel is a lot stronger than standard acrylics and doesn't shell off around the edges the way acrylic does.

Also, get the attractive young lady who applies the stuff to put plenty of the fibreglass reinforcing sheet (like a very thin Isopon) on between coats of gel. Claire at Amethyst Nails in Gainsborough puts four lots on mine - gel, two layers of fibreglass, gel, two layers of fibreglass, gel. And don't forget a layer of non-shiny natural coloured nail polish to finish - makes them look much more natural.

The question of overlays only arises if, like mine were, your nails are very short - they use the overlay (the 'plastic nail') to form a falsie, then gel and fibreglass over it. Also the overlay only covers about half or two-thirds of the real nail, the last part back to the cuticle is left and just infilled with the gel and fibreglass.

Ted's right of course - you can do a good job yourself with the Boots' stuff, but they look so much nicer done professionally and only cost around the same as a decent set of strings.

I was a user of finger-picks, successfully, for many years, but no more. Get the gels, Davetnova, you can't lose them or drop them on the floor for some great clod to tread on and break them! :0)

SJ :0)