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Posted By: George Papavgeris
22-Sep-04 - 09:36 AM
Thread Name: Why is a singer one of your favorites?
Subject: RE: Why I a singer one of your favorites?
It took me ages to choose which one to write about - but I have chosen now, and I'll go with an unusual one, because he is known mostly for his fiddle playing as part of a due: Jon Boden of Spiers & Boden fame.

He is one of my favourite singers because:

a) He is correct, pitch-perfect (amazing how many "stars" are not)
b) He is selective in the material he chooses to sing
c) He has a "youthful" voice - unsurprisingly, as he's young; but one can be older and still have a young voice (June Tabor, Moira Craig)...
d) ...yet he can sound "world-weary" when required
e) He has an informal, non-pompous, delivery of the song
f) He is a tenor (there is a dearth of them in the folk scene nowadays)
g) He has "soul" in his voice
h) He has a very catchy (and hard to imitate) lilt to his voice, almost like a little sob, which he does NOT over-use, and I find it very endearing.
i) He has a very unaffected, workaday attitude and is a right good bloke (as indeed is his partner in music, John S)

So - I'd pay just to listen to him sing. The fact that he is also a great fiddle player with a grand sense of rhythm and a taste for the unusual just makes him even better.