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Posted By: Uncle_DaveO
20-Sep-04 - 06:49 PM
Thread Name: Pete Seeger's last concert
Subject: RE: Pete Seeger's last concert
Martin Gibson said, in part:

Dave, deal with this:

Pete Seeger is way down there in my folk music favorites.

Why? because of the continuous political overtones that overshadows what could be just good music. Yes, I tune that type of folk music out. No, I do not want to go to any concerts of his.

Fine. Quite understandable. And, put that way, in those tones, I have no quarrel with your statement. Nor do I think others here would take umbrage either.

I'll even go a little further, Martin: I generally prefer Pete Seeger's music when he's doing traditional stuff, and feel that sometimes he goes too far ideologically for my taste. A case in point: "Oh, Had I a Golden Thread" (maybe not the exact title) is, to my ears and general sensibilities, a piece of--well, I won't use the C word, and maybe I shouldn't say "junk", but I just don't think it's good songwriting. To paraphrase the Bible, I think Pete Seeger in this instance sold his birthright for a pot of message. But I know some people like this song, and he certainly has the right to write or perform whatever moves him, and it's usually excellent in my book. I will just try to avoid listening to that particular song.

I sure wish I could establish for myself the continuous high standard of musical taste and performance that Pete Seeger has done over the years. And when I come to shuffle off this mortal coil I'd love to think (as I don't by a long shot) that as many people looked up to me as a prime example of what a gracious, ethical human being should be, as what Pete Seeger has earned by his life.

Dave Oesterreich