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Posted By: Bill Hahn//\\
20-Sep-04 - 06:11 PM
Thread Name: Pete Seeger's last concert
Subject: RE: Pete Seeger's last concert
Martin, I must add a comment to the note about "....the English stuff puts me off....".   
         One can be excited---or enthused----about something and yet respect and understand other material. I can speak there only for myself. My --to use your word--excitement runs along certain lines (Pete S. being one of many artists in that genre---and some newer ones too). That said, I do open my ears to other things and respect them since, I feel, many things are intertwined with each other. So---not excited, perhaps, by English music I can still respect it for any number of reasons. Most having to do with history, interrelativity (is that a word?) and seeing what other might like.

There is a great song in a Gilbert & Sullivan Opera where the character sings a song bemoaning the fact that everyone thinks him such a disagreeable person when he has so many aesthetic interests and tries to instill them upon society----"....Everyone thinks I am such a disagreeable man----And I Can't Think Why..."

Strange thing though---we all are looking back as it relates to today. I am guilty of not liking the newer generation of music----Rap/Hip Hop/R&R ---can never be on Jeopardy since I have never heard of 90% of these groups---and I am amazed at some of the contestants that are both young and older that are versed in them. It only proves that we all live on this planet but in so many different worlds.

Sorry for the philosophy part of the lecture.

Bill Hahn