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Posted By: GUEST,Frank Hamilton
20-Sep-04 - 01:48 PM
Thread Name: Pete Seeger's last concert
Subject: RE: Pete Seeger's last concert
If Pete were not political, he wouldn't have had the influence in the idea of folk music that many have. You can't separate an artist from his/her politics. Even a banal empty commercial offering on TV of the inane musical nature is a political statement that says "don't bother me with anything significant, I belong to the corporate establishment that makes me say what they want you to hear."

That's how the music business works. Don't rock the boat if you want airplay which is a political statement in itself.

Many traditional folk songs contain objectionable material about black people, foreigners, abuse of women, or some are just plain dirty songs (a form of folk music.) Some laud the violent exploits of Kings and some reflect other views than ones advocated by the left-wing. Just because it's trad doesn't make it redeeming or particularly deserving of praise in my view.
Traditional folk music is neutral in that it can be doggerel, offensive or wonderful. It's not all great art, however. Even some songs advocating political policy are trite pamphlets rather than insightful reporting. All of them are a comment on the times in which they were created.

But human beings are political animals otherwise they wouldn't survive.

Frank Hamilton