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Posted By: Deckman
17-Sep-04 - 02:36 AM
Thread Name: Pete Seeger's last concert
Subject: RE: Pete Seeger's last concert
Hi Art!

Yes, Pete is a touchstone. "Touchstone" is an interesting word, and well chosen by you.

As I'm so damned old as I am, I have unfortunatly outlived many friends. Whenever this has occurred, I always try to get what I call a "touchstone." That is, something, usually small and of little value that that person "touched" every day, and reminds me of them everytime that I touch it. My "touchstones" include things like: a favorite conductors baton; a tie, a penknife used to open his everyday mail, etc.
The wonderful thing about Pete Seeger is that we still have him. And as followers in his traditions, we are ALL "touchstones" to his ongoing legacy. CHEERS, Bob