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Posted By: Deckman
16-Sep-04 - 05:02 PM
Thread Name: Pete Seeger's last concert
Subject: RE: Pete Seeger's last concert
Frank ... "Any great one is standing on the shoulders of someone else, and Pete has broad shoulders." That's a GREAT line, may I use it?

I wanted to add a little something to this thread. I first met Pete when he and Sonny Terry and J.C. Burrows (sp?) came to Seattle about 1956 or 57. I helped to organize and promote him in a concert at the Moore theater. That was important as it was just about the first of the concerts he did where he finally started breaking the blacklisting. I put them all up at my house for a week or so ... not really a strain on me, quite a pleasure actually!!!

About two years later, he was in Seattle again. At that time, I was disgusted with my initial two years of college, I had an itchy foot, and I wanted to go to San Francisco with Don Firth to win my way to wealth and fame. Of course that meant that I would be dropping out of college.

One afternoon, I was expressing my delemma to Pete. I think I said something stupid like: "Geeze. I want to drop out of college, just like you, and travel the world and sing songs!"

He sat me down and lectured me for half an hour about what a dumb idea that was and how he'd wished he stayed in school and earned his college degree.

I've always remembered that story fondly. I didn't get my degree until I was 35. Pretty dumb ... eh? CHEERS and thanks again for this thread. Bob