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Posted By: Leadfingers
03-Sep-04 - 06:32 AM
Thread Name: mandola, octave mandolin or what
Subject: RE: mandola, octave mandolin or what
'Mandola' has the same relationship to 'Mandolin' as 'Viola' has to 'Violin' and are normally tuned EBFC where C is the thinnest string . The longer necked instrument is PROBABLY what we call in UK an Octave Mandola , which can be tuned where ever you like ,dependant on string weight . I play Mandolin and Short Scale Tenor Banjo and use GDAE on the Mandolin , and EBFC on the Banjo with light strings .
However I have used heavier guage strings on the Banjo and tuned it to GDAE to make it easier to play in sessions (G and D being common session keys) . The 'Long Necked' four paired strung beasties can also be Bouzoukis which have nearly as many tunings as there are people playing them .