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Posted By: John in Brisbane
02-Sep-04 - 09:42 AM
Thread Name: Pass the biscuits, Pappy! (MP3 Archive)
I enjoyed the sample MP3 immensely. Here are three of the items included in the 15 minute broadcast:

Coney Island Washboard
Music by Hampton Durand and Jerry Adams, Words by Ned Nestor and Aude Shugart
- 1926

Verse: (Not sung on the Hillbilly Boys version)

Down by the beach lived the sweet -est lit -tle peach,
And I must say she just had the cu -test way,
Play -ing a chord up -on a wash -board.
The folks would gath -er rown', from ev' -ry -where in town, just to hear
her play.


Con -ey Is -land wash -board she would play
You could hear her on the board -walk ev' -ry day
Soap suds all a -round, little bub -bles on the ground
Rub -a -dub -a -dub in her lit -tle tub All her tunes she found
The thim -bles on her fing -ers made the noise
She played "Charles -ton" with the laun -dry for the boys
She could rag a tune right thru' the knees of your brand new silk B. V. D.'s
With her Con -ey Is -land wash -board round -e -lay.

X: 15
T:Chicken Reel
(=f|"D"f/)d/A/F/ D/F/B/F/|A/F/B/F/ A(=f|f/)d/A/F/ D/F/B/F/|
"A7"A/dc/ d(=f|!
"D"f/)d/A/F/ D/F/B/F/|A/F/B/F/ A(=f|f/)d/A/F/ D/F/B/F/|"A"A/dc/ "D"d2|!
"D"fa/f/ df/d/|A/d/e/d/ f/d/e/d/| fa/f/ df/d/|"A"A/dc/ "D"d2|!
"D"fa/f/ df/d/|A/d/e/d/ f/d/e/d/| fa/f/ df/d/| "A"A/dc/ "D"d2|

Empty Saddles
Lyrics by:  J. Keirn Brennan
Written by:  Billy Hill
From the Film:  Rhythm On The Range  (1936)

Empty saddles in the old corral, where do ya ride tonight?
Are you rounding up the doggies, the strays of long ago?
Are ya on the trail to(of) Buffalo?
Empty saddles in the old corral, where do ya ride tonight?
Are there rustlers on the border or a band of Navajo?
Are you heading for the Alamo?

Empty guns covered with rust, where do ya talk tonight?
Empty boots covered with dust, where do ya walk tonight?
Empty saddles in the old corral, my tears would be dried tonight.
If you'll only say I'm lonely as ya carry my old pal,
Empty saddles in the old corral.

Regards, John