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Posted By: Ron Davies
29-Aug-04 - 05:04 PM
Thread Name: Pass the biscuits, Pappy! (MP3 Archive)
Subject: RE: Pass the biscuits, Pappy! (MP3 Archive)
So that was from 1939--Pat doing the announcing, Pappy was governor by then. That was just fantastic--I love old radio shows, especially in in historic context. Mudcat is just mind-bogglingly great--there is just so much to learn and enjoy, and so many unique angles.

Just a few more bits on Pappy, if I haven't run the topic into the ground already.

When he ran in 1938, it was on the platform of the Ten Commandments (to which he added the Golden Rule) and on throwing the professional politicians out. (Plus ca change..) The last part was definitely plausible, since up to 1938, he himself had never voted (in fact he was a carpetbagger from Kansas). He also promised a pension plan. However when he got in, he refused to consider new taxes to pay for it, lest one be an oil tax. In 1940 he said he had to run to save his pension plan from "demogogues". He also ran against "labor union leader racketeers" and Communists.

Like FDR, O'Daniel figured out that "a microphone is an ear and not an auditorium--and you don't make public speeches to microphones, you don't shout into them any more than you would shout into your sweetheart's ear when you wanted to tell her you loved her. O'Daniel learned early that he had Texas by the ear and from that day on he cooed and caroled ...into it"

He obviously taught his son well also--that came through in that show.

Thanks again Susan