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Posted By: Ron Davies
29-Aug-04 - 02:42 PM
Thread Name: Pass the biscuits, Pappy! (MP3 Archive)
Subject: RE: Pass the biscuits, Pappy! (MP3 Archive)
Fascinating history to this one.

Bob Wills, member of the Light Crust Doughboys was "later fired". That's putting it mildly. Lee O' Daniel (Pappy) fired Bob for drinking and missing broadcasts---fair enough.

But then he sued Bob for $10,000, hoping to bankrupt him ,and force him back to the Light Crust Doughboys, claiming that Bob's later use of the phrase "formerly Light Crust Doughboys", was damaging to the sale of Light Crust Flour, Burrus Mills, and illegal to boot.

Even though Pappy hired a bunch of the best hired guns (attorneys) in Texas, and Bob said that if he lost, all he could give was his old fiddle, fortunately Bob destroyed Pappy in court. Pappy not only pursued the case to the 10th Circuit (and lost there too) but then when Bob went to Oklahoma to try to get jobs on the radio there, Pappy then implied to WKY that he was plannng to put his program on that station, but would not if it hired Bob.
So it didn't. Pappy then did not put his program on either--how's that for hardball?

Fortunately for western swing, Bob got on another Oklahoma station, and bounced back.

Unfortunately Pappy, who was a true worm, went on to bigger things (governor of Texas and Senator). It appears that the reason he beat Lyndon Johnson in the Senate race was blatant vote manipulation, due to the fact that the alcohol interests in Texas desperately wanted (Governor) Pappy, who was a rabid prohibitionist, out of Texas and safely in Washington where he'd have no say over beer sales, specifically near military installations.

I believe that even later in his career, after his disastrous Senate "career", Pappy ran as a segregationist in Texas.