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Posted By: Ferrara
24-Aug-04 - 08:14 PM
Thread Name: 2004 Getaway Program info
Subject: RE: 2004 Getaway Program info
Sinsull, thanks.

Here's a reprise of something I wrote at the start of the earlier Getaway thread. It sort of summarizes the "feel" of the program.

the Getaway is about participation and mutual enjoyment. It's home grown all the way. We usually have about a dozen special guests but they are still guests like everyone else, maybe leading a workshop or giving a short concert during the day but then joining in as "audience" or "contributor" in other people's workshops and joining in the late night singing.

There is a daytime program of four or five tracks of organized workshops and sing-arounds during the day and there is jamming going on much of the time as well.

The program consists of workshops, themed sing-arounds and jams (blues, C&W, pub sing, sea songs or whatever) and a few half hour concerts. The only difference between a workshop and a sing-around is that the workshop is intended to showcase attendees with special knowledge in the type of music being featured. The leaders get a chance to do several songs apiece during the hour, besides inviting the audience to participate. For example, last year we had "Mountain Songs and Ballads" and "Irish Unaccompanied Singing" workshops among others.

We started the concerts because so many people want a chance to hear, say, Kendall, or Big Mick Lane, or Bob Zentz, or Ed Trickett, etc. Different people are featured each year including, most years, one or two relatively unknown musicians and/or non-professionals.

There are sign-up concerts Saturday and Sunday, late-night music after that. Next year we think we'll set aside a cabin near the dining hall for an extra late-night music venue.

Hope this helps.