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Posted By: Grab
18-Aug-04 - 07:44 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Accoustic or Plugged
Subject: RE: Tech: Accoustic or Plugged
Fair point, Clinton. Room acoustics don't change between acts though, so if you know that you need X dB extra for the first band, chances are that you can just add that bit on for each band following? As you say, it's a rough idea, and the tech can then fine-tune as they go.

(Note "fine-tune" though - last year at a local folk club in a medium-size pub, we had a guy running the desk who was, literally, deaf. He'd be twiddling knobs throughout to an incredible degree, producing feedback and generally screwing it up. But it was his gear we were using, so no-one wanted to tell him he was crap. Thank god, the organiser eventually decided to make the club acoustic-only.)