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Posted By: freightdawg
08-Aug-04 - 11:49 PM
Thread Name: Breathtaking Speech - Kennedy on Frost
Subject: RE: Breathtaking Speech - Kennedy on Frost
From someone who can only remember Kennedy through history books, it is enlightening to me to see a Democrat with such "conservative" ideas being raised as the icon of liberalism. Along with the idealism that Kennedy brought to the White House, he also had his failures. The Bay of Pigs invasion jumps to mind, as does the Vietnam war. (I have to add here, though, that if Kennedy had been president long enough to have prosecuted the war, it might have been fought very differently and ended with a different conclusion. Kennedy cannot bear the guilt of Johnson and his folly.) Kennedy pushed for large tax relief, was strong on defense (the solution to the Cuban missile crisis was one of his great victories), was unequivocal in his belief that the United States was the only entity that was going to tell the United States what to do (read his inaugural address) and was very cautious about moving on the Civil Rights Bill (it was his brother Robert who was the true leading Kennedy voice behind that legislation.)

I am not saying this to disrespect Kennedy. I am just saying that the liberal left has moved so far that Kennedy himself, who I respect for some of his idealism and some of his ideas, probably would not be much of a leader in the movement now. This is simply a fact of life in the history of people and movements. Very often, in many different situations, the heros of a particular movement would not even recognize its later permutations and developments. Lest anyone think I'm a right wing zealot, does anyone think that Lincoln would be a member of the modern Republican party? Hmmm.