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Posted By: John in Brisbane
08-Aug-04 - 10:59 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Miserlou
Subject: Tune Add: MISIRLOU
There are lots of versions of this tune on the Web. The following is one of the simpler, and will appeal to jaded Celtic instrument players. The adventurous will find the more authentic versions courtesy of JC's TuneFinder using the search string of 'MISIRLOU'. There's an Armenian version where the second part changes to 7/8 plus a third part as well.

C:N.Roubanis 1934
Z: John Chambers
|: "D"D3 E ^F2 G2 | A3B ^c2BA | A8- | A8 |
w: 1.~Mi-sir-lou mou i gli-kia sou ma-tia
w: 2.~Mav-ro ma-ta Mi-sir-lou mou tre-lli
| D3E ^F2G2 | A3B ^c2BA | A8- | A8 |
w: Flo-ga m'e-hi~i-na-psi mes tin kar-dia
w: Ti zo-i m'al-la-zo me-na fi-li
| "Gm"BA2B A2G2 | AG2A G2^F2 | "D"^F8- | ^F8 |
w: Ah Ya-ha-bi-bi Ah Ya-le-le-li Ah
w: Ah ya-ha-bi-bi M'e-na fi-la-ki Ah
| "Cm"AG2A G2^F2 | ^FE2F E2DD | "D"D8- | D8 :|
w: ta dio sou hi-li sta-zou-ne me-li i-me
w: Ap-to di-ko sou to sto ma-ta-ki i-me
|: "Gm"G8- | G6 ^FG | "F"A8- | A6 GA | "Bm"B6 AB | "A"^c6 Bc | "D"d8- | d8 |
w: A___________ Mi-sir-lou
| "Cm"e d2 e d2 c2 | d c2 d c2 B2 | "D"A8- | A8 |
w: Tre-lla tha m'er-thi den i-po-fe-ro pia
| "Cm"c B2 c B2 A2 | A G2 A ^F2 E2 | "D"D8- | D8 :|
w: Ah tha si kle-pso mes ap tin A-ra-pia.
P: Coda
|| "Gm"B6 AB | "A"^c6 Bc | "D"d8- | d8- | d8- | d z7 |]
w: Ah___ Mi-sir-lou.

Regards, John