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Posted By: Peace
03-Aug-04 - 09:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: Official Mudcat Stupid Question Thread
Subject: RE: BS: Official Mudcat Stupid Question Thread
Good for you, BC. Sex education has to be more about emotions and feelings and less about this goes here and that's what happens. Kinda like the difference between knowing how gears work and how to drive the car properly. I was reading on the 'cat a while back that some kids were involved with what has come to be called 'oral sex', and they didn't see it as being sex at all. Blew me away--pardon the expression. When I was a kid it was referred to as CSing and CLing. Times has changed. What I find that kids need to be told is that the act of sex is very emotional, and one of my arguments with kids is that people are generally not prepared for the emotions involved until they are much more mature than many are when they first get involved with someone. (That sentence didn't make a helluva lotta sense.) Basically, I'm up front with the kids and I say that 14 is too young. I don't suggest that there is a magic age, but I think many people will understand what I'm saying.