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Posted By: GUEST
01-Aug-04 - 04:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Great Speech Mr. Kerry!
Subject: RE: BS: Great Speech Mr. Kerry!
I believe Gore and the Democratic party acquiesced as quickly and completely as they did (don't forget, the House Black Congressional Caucus and some of their supporters did not join that acquiescence), first and foremost because they knew they couldn't win. They knew Bush was in.

They also were very smart strategically to do it. By doing it, they were able to blame Nader, and by extension, the progressive wing of the Democratic party and the progressive coalition that was forming in 2000 that Nader took advantage of, and beat them over the head with it. They only appear to have acquiesced though, because everyone knows they've been fanning both the "Hate Nader" forces and the "Hate Bush" forces flames since 2000. Funding them too. They also cynically took advantage of the rightward swing of the population in the wake of 9/11 and the Iraq war, by shouting down, demonizing, isolating, and (when all that failed) locking up all progressive left voices of dissent. Don't forget, they too supported the Patriot Act. The Iraq war. The Bush tax cuts. They did all they needed to do to start getting the big money flowing back their way for 2004.

This year, they will likely outspend the Republicans, who weren't quick enough to figure out the 527 organization loophole and drive their Brinks trucks through it first.