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Posted By: Bill D
01-Aug-04 - 12:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Great Speech Mr. Kerry!
Subject: RE: BS: Great Speech Mr. Kerry!
"...the Art Thiemes, the Nerds, the Amoses, the Big Micks (especially them), the Bill D's, etc. in this country who refuse to give it a rest and come up with some damn solutions."

well, I'm glad to be in such exhalted company....and I HAVE "some damn solutions"....but I don't post them here 'seriously', because they fall into the same class as did Will Rogers' when a reporter once asked him 'what to do about the German subs' in WWII..."That's easy, boil the ocean", said Will. When the reporter started to sputter and ask "how in the world he proposed to do THAT", Will said, "Oh, you don't understand..I'm just the Idea Man...we have technical people who'd have to work out the details."
...and that is the way of training is in Philosophy, and my impulse in these discussions is to discern which arguments are resonable and coherent and ultimately, opposed to those which are based on false premises, bad logic, personal axes and animosities, impractical & short-sighted techniques...etc. It is NOT a precise science, but it can usually sort out the wheat from the chaff.
   Trouble is, people don't WANT to conduct meta-arguments about their positions, they WANT to yell, accuse, promote, dare, shame, tease, ridicule and otherwise put down positions which differ from their own! The situation is similar to the definition of Theology I saw once.."The finding of bad reasons for what one already believes on faith."

A lot of this discussion boils down to Pragmatism vs. Idealism...."lets vote for Kerry right now, as the lesser of two evils, and see what can be done on the grass roots level later" OR "let all sane men vote Green, or Libertarian...or Anarchist...and SHOW the bastards we aren't all taken in by their false promises"

NEITHER side usually considers the long-term solutions and strategies of it all...but I'll tell you, the Right-Wing Conservatives are doing better at it right now! They are Gerrymandering, packing the courts, designing single-issue topics to lure voters with narrow views and refining the art of making the other guy respond to spurious charges.

I'm sorry...I don't HAVE detailed plans to "make it all better immediately"...unless you grant ME unlimited power to rule by decree for a few years! No?...I didn't think that would fly. My platform would involve total re-organization of the voting process, (including the choosing of candidates), reform of the court system, wholesale changes in the tax system, ...and stuff done to the educational system that would leave your jaw on the floor! Add to all that many manditory restrictions on immigration and serious population reduction, and you'll see why I don't bother to run for office..*grin*...all I do from my position and at my age, is try to make points about the best Pragmatic choices we can make from the REAL choices available.....and KNOWING that I'm unlikely to change very many or RT, I also use this forum to hone my own thinking and to learn from the rest of you about possible directions & attitudes.

oh, and unlike some "Guests", I also post my name and laugh & joke and follow the folk music threads and MEET the good folks here and share life.

I personally, would REALLY appreciate it if "guest from Minnesota" would USE something like that to be sure the other ranting "GUSTS" (typo...I think I'll leave it...*grin*) don't get mixed up in my head.