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Posted By: GUEST
31-Jul-04 - 04:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: Great Speech Mr. Kerry!
Subject: RE: BS: Great Speech Mr. Kerry!
"The voting system is not "capitalist", but republican (lower case R) or representative. Capitalism is an economic methodology."


Amos, you know what I said about you middle class liberals not getting it?

It is dangerous because everyone knows that the Anybody But Bush mentality is really just Democratic sour grapes over being robbed in the last election. Kerry is right about the Bush bashing in that respect. The entire country is REALLY tired of hearing the Bush bashing that is de riguer at Mudcat. I started speaking up about it for the first time after Nader announced his candidacy when the primaries ended. But the rest of the country is REALLY sick of the Art Thiemes, the Nerds, the Amoses, the Big Micks (especially them), the Bill D's, etc. in this country who refuse to give it a rest and come up with some damn solutions.

Voting for another Republicrat doesn't seem like much of a solution to most Americans. Which is why we are in grave danger right now. With Kerry as the Republicrat candidate, the big danger is EVERYBODY STAYS HOME. He or Bush squeaks in on a 51/49 vote, and it is hostile, open warfare between the Republicans and Republicrats for another 4 years while the rest of country watches "Amish in the City", drinks heavy, and the domestic violence rates go through the roof.

Unless there is a landslide victory by Kerry in November, the polarized dynamic won't change, and it will be at least another four years of dealing with polarizing personalities instead of the issues that desperately need attention. Which is just what the global capitalists want. Fewer voters--but ESPECIALLY fewer working class and poor voters.

So long as the Republicrats for Middle Class Values keep nominating Republicrats for Middle Class Values to run for office in the US, the working class and poor voters stay home, The same is being done by the Anglocentric global plutocracy in Britain, the US, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. The Anglo plutocrats are currently beating out the European Union plutocracry, (especially with those juicy reconstruction contracts in Iraq, not to mention all that Iraqi oil that used to be in the hands of the EU plutocracy) and that is what this whole "international" spat with Bush/Blair has been about.

You all think it is just a coincidence that the Coalition of the Willing was an Anglo coalition? That the Iraq invasion worked like a charm to beat out the EU coalition in getting it's hands on Saddam's oil?

The global capitalist ruling elite orchestrates all this. Which is why they keep rigging the voting systems in the US, Canada, Australia, and Britain. They haven't succeeded yet in New Zealand, France, and Germany where there are strong currents fighting to keep the capitalists from completely taking over. The Russians have organized crime syndicates running the show, which also prevents the Anglo or EU global capitalist plutocrats from gaining a foothold there.

But the Anglo global capitalist plutocrats are winning so far, and one of the main ways they do it is by peddling this rotten to the core political systems running in the US, Britain, Canada, and Australia. So long as they can keep it running without any changes, the effect is to have a Saudi-like political realities on the ground (a repressive plutocracy with no elections), with the capitalist Anglocentric plutocracy, with the illusion of democratic elections.

The only way a Democratic victory in the US will be a good thing is if the Democrats defeat the Republicans in the presidential AND congressional races, and win the White House by a HUGE margin--at least 10+ points. That would be the equivalent of an 8.0 earthquake in political terms in the US.

If Kerry can pull that off on his own without any catastrophe or crisis occuring to sweep the Republicans out (like a major terrorist attack or something), I'll eat ALL my words. But I ain't holding my breath.