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Posted By: Deda
31-Jul-04 - 03:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: Great Speech Mr. Kerry!
Subject: RE: BS: Great Speech Mr. Kerry!
I loved the Kerry speech, and the entire convention. I watched it every night, although I missed a few bits, including Theresa H-Kerry -- but I already knew I liked her a lot, for all the reasons that the press tend to piss on her. She's a smart, free-thinking, independent, strong, unafraid woman -- that'll get her plenty of terrible press, and my admiration. The whole week was politically very encouraging and hopeful for me. I was sorry that the serious war protesters were shut out, and that there were efforts made to make the Kucinich and Dean delegates changes sides -- but I was pleased that a number of them didn't. I am extremely grateful to Dean and Kucinich for broadening the debate, for carrying the message that there really still is a LEFT wing in American politics, the Democratic wing of the Democratic party.

The polls still show the Rs and Ds neck and neck, but that's because they only poll the likely voters. The Dems, at least in Colorado, are making a serious, organized effort to register and bring out the UNlikely voters (renters, college kids, single mothers, Latinos, non-English speakers, et al). Colorado, which has historically been a solid republican state, is now in play. I'm tentatively optimistic that the polls are seriously wrong nation-wide.

Brucie, there is an excellent reason why nobody responds to your request for some of Bush's positive accomplishments. It is not that we don't understand the question. And your posts ARE arriving legibly, comprehensibly. See if you can guess why there are no answers.
Hint: Try asking people to list their favorite purple cows.

Guest, please do vote for the Greens.