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Posted By: Big Mick
31-Jul-04 - 12:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: Great Speech Mr. Kerry!
Subject: RE: BS: Great Speech Mr. Kerry!
You know, if you weren't such an asshole, you could actually score some points. But you have this vision of yourself as the saviour of all us ignorant people. That is why you will never be anything more than an angry voice at the fringe. Your view of yourself and your importance is far greater in your own mind than in anyone elses.

I am willing to concede some things in the debate. I will concede that if there is a divide that separates the Republicans from the Democrats, it is small enough that the main players can shake hands across the fence. But what you just don't get is that is how the majority of folks like it. So in order to effect social change in our society, it must be done in small steps and over the long term. That is, unless you are advocating violent overthrow and takeover of the system. But unless you are willing to subjugate the average folks in this country, your way will not work.

One thing I want to make clear. I admire the principal of your stand. And you have intelligence and the ability to express it. But you are a jerk, with a martyr's complex. I have seen your type before. They are usually dangerous to those around them because they can't see or don't care, about the practical effect of their politic. You are willing to destroy people to save them. Historically, recent and ancient, has shown that folks that share your view cause more misery than improvement in society.