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Posted By: GUEST
31-Jul-04 - 11:38 AM
Thread Name: BS: Great Speech Mr. Kerry!
Subject: RE: BS: Great Speech Mr. Kerry!
We aren't stupid Jeri. We know we aren't ever going to get everything we want. We are intelligent enough to have a strategy that counters the propaganda, that gets people working in the right direction in small ways that cumulatively have big effects. We realize that the most important work we do has absolutely nothing to do with the capitalist political system.

We do work outside the system. We have no delusions about being the winner take all in the capitalist system. Our strategy is to create a parallel world that will one day reach a critical mass--not of voters, but of human beings doing what is best for themselves AND their neighbors AND their enemies AND the planet.

This is so far beyond those of you who can only think within the narrow confinces of the conventional middle class two party capitalist paradigm, not to mention as far as the next election, that we know you don't get it. But that's OK. With people like me haranguing you, and refusing to cut you any slack, as well as the example of alternative life styles that so many of us are living, you'll get the email eventually.