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Posted By: Bill Hahn//\\
30-Jul-04 - 06:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: Great Speech Mr. Kerry!
Subject: RE: BS: Great Speech Mr. Kerry!
A few thoughts-=--forgive me if I repeat some above posts---and I do agree with Sinsull---those 2 daughters were amazing. Now, they are not running for office, but given the family values one speaks of they sure are a cut above the Bush "cupcakes" and their sticking out of tongue at reporters because "..isn't that cute". Moronic is a better word. Great upbringing---they should hide those 2 for Ws own good.

The speech, was to me, far more eloquent than I had expected---it seemed Presidential (as was his entrance---properly stage managed, I am sure--but we live in the TV era) The phrasing, the wording, and the timing were truly wonderful. Frankly, I thought it a better speech than Edwards. Edwards is a great communicator but still comes across--to me---as a lawyer presenting his case for damages to the jury. That said---he is awfully good at that.

As to the commentators in their post-mortems. I am still surprised (admittedly I only watched it on PBS---not many choices prior so stay loyal--I say) by the partisanship of these pundits. I know the NY Times writer is of conservative bent but it would be nice if he could bend a bit and agree about the speech and its effect instead of the nit picking of minor things.

One fault though---I did think that Kerry stepped on his laugh and applause lines too much. I don't know if it was a time limitation, his lack of showmanship, or something else.   A speaker and a performer should never do that---let the audience really respond.

I doubt that we will ever go back to conventions as we knew them---when things were decided on the floor, when oratory was in full flower, and when they were not infomercials and party time for the delegates.

Bill Hahn