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Posted By: Bill D
30-Jul-04 - 06:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: Great Speech Mr. Kerry!
Subject: RE: BS: Great Speech Mr. Kerry!
I see I'm WAY behind...but..

" I'm still waiting for Amos, or any of you Kerry voters, to explain the Iraq exit strategy of the Kerry/Edwards team to me."

*tsk*..NO one but Dennis Kuscinitch had an exit policy, and his was just to pack up & leave it to 'em. Kerry had said that he intends to make it easier for other countries to GIVE us some help while we try to balance the problems of staying in with the problems of leaving suddenly. What more can he do? Bush has committed our nation to be involved in Iraq sooner and to a greater degree than was sensible...he has made a royal mess, and getting out is gonna be HARD...and "we Kerry voters" don't trust Bush to GET us out in any reasonable way.

I must also comment on a couple other things:

1) in politics a "yes" vote is certainly not always a vote 'for' something. It can be an attempt to show a united front, it can represent giving someone the benefit of the in "ok, try it your way, but watch out"... a number of Democrats said "ok, you say you have evidence about Saddam...I'll vote 'yes' on a contingency basis"
2) Why do we hate Bush so much? What has he done to us?.....Mercy! Where shall I start?...He has inserted his personal religious & moral beliefs directly into the political process. He has sacrificed environmental concerns for the benefit of big business interests. He has alienated most of the world, including many allies, with his military policies, and hints that he will use similar tactics on others if they don't behave to suit him...but NOT the REALLY dangerous ones like N. Korea. He has RUINED the balanced budget the previous administration brought us and given us debt beyond belief...and is chipping away at Social Security with vague plans of 'privitization'. He is, at every opportunity, appointing judges who make mockeries of the basics of our judicial process, and is waiting to pounce on the Supreme Court. He acts as though he had a sweeping mandate, after LOSING the popular vote and only avoiding having Florida re-counted carefully by the skin of his teeth, his brother's clout, and one of those mockeries of the judicial process I mentioned.

that enough? I have more, but you probably aren't listening anyway.....oh...yeah...He absolutely refuses to learn to say "nuclear"   *grin*...(Well, maybe I am too harsh on him there--perhaps he really can't hear the difference.)