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Posted By: GUEST,Larry K
30-Jul-04 - 04:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: Great Speech Mr. Kerry!
Subject: RE: BS: Great Speech Mr. Kerry!
Can we get back to the speech.   I didn't watch it, but the "reporting for duty" line was all over talk radio this morning as callers were making fun of it on various radio stations.   Each caller would start the conversation "John Doe" reporting for duty. Many speculated that the still picture of him saluting will end up being like the Dukakis tank ad.

I also like the CPR for the hampster story.   At first I thought it was an Imus or SNL parody.   But than I heard the actual tape.   As Tom Paxton said "sometimes you don't have to parody a person. you just quote them"   Rush Limbauch has aleady come up with a new John Kerry Theme for his updates. He is using the mighty mouse theme to parody the Kerry comment.   Following the hamster audio, it was very funny.

The Oliphant column on the Drudge report calls the speech a "missed opportunity"   Talks about a poor performance by Kerry where the big applause lines were the Civil rights lines which are not part of the issues Kerry is campaigning on.

Now about viet nam- Kerry stated in the New York Times two years ago that he would never use viet nam or movies of viet nam in his campaign.    And Alec Baldwin said he would move out of the country if Bush were elected.   If only you liberals would keep your word. (is that a lie or a flip flop- it is so hard to tell with Kerry. With Clinton it was easy- it was a lie. With Kerry you never know.   He is on both sides of every issue)

Most analyists say Kerry was the worst prime time speaker at the convention.    Who was worse than Kerry- Sharpton, Baraka, Kennedy, Theresa, Kucinich, or Edwards?   BTW-Kucinich on O'relly was histerical- I digagree with every one of his postions but am still supporting him.    Bush lied about WMD's, but Kerry didn't lie because the CIA worked for Bush when the misinformed him.    You just can't make this stuff up. Even SNL is not that creative.

Unfit for Duty- the book by the soldiers who service with Kerry and blast him as a phone and a fraud comes out Sept 25 and is # 2 on Amazon- enjoy.   Can't wait for the Zel MIller speech at the republican convention on how the democrats have abandoned America.