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Posted By: paddymac
12-Oct-99 - 11:41 AM
Thread Name: Pagan/Folk/Earth Music Research Project
Subject: RE: Pagan/Folk/Earth Music Reasearch Project
This has been a fascinating thread from the start, and there realy doesn't seem to be much to add of great substance, so I will make only a few comments. Most of us enter these sorts of discussions with inherent biases which we often may not be aware of. An example might be to contrast "pagan" with "Christian" or "Jewish" or "Islam", etc.(note the capitalization variance). Modern writers seem to have a penchant for describing pagan belief systems as "nature based". A more useful descriptor might be "observational" in that the belief systems seek to explain the observed environment, often in terms of the observations themselves. In contrast, many non-pagan belief systems seem rely more heavily on mental constructs.

An earlier contributer commented on Amazing Grace having been sung in Cherokee at the installation of a new Cherokee Chief. The melody used for the song is one of two commonly found in old psaltries under the title "Britannia", but it is my understanding that it is actually based on a tune common to the Creek, Cherokee and Choctaw people in pre-Colombian times. Whatever its origin, and whatevr the lyrics, it is an emminently singable song.

With apologies to the Jungians among us *BG*, "May The Force be With You All".