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Posted By: Tracey Dragonsfriend
03-Jun-04 - 01:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: New Harry Potter Film (Prisoner of Azkaban)
Subject: RE: BS: New Harry Potter Film (Prisoner of Azkaban)
Hmmm... I never even noticed the nationality of colour of any of the cast. They all spoke English, which is typically my hint as to a nationality - beyond that, it seems I don't pay much attention. But then someone had to point out to me that one of the Tellytubbies was a different colour, too. I'm always interested in other cultures & religions, and skin colour is sometimes a "mental nudge" to me that a person might have something different & interesting to say, but I don't really pay much attention to it beyond that.
I had this problem at a previous company, where someone I'd hired was the first Asian persion there, and this was seens as an issue. I's only thought of it in passing, in terms of what a beautiful coffee-cream light-brown colour she was, and how well the colour of her shirt suited her skin! If you can speak English (as that's where we're living & working) and do your job (whatever that is), I didn't then, and don't now see what the issue is. I don't seem to consciously notice what colour people are, unless there's something special that it could be relevant to, or have a bearing on.

I'm wondering if this "skin-blindness" is due to living in London, or to being a constant reader of fantasy of all kinds, or to being a technician, with a technician's mindset, or what. But it seems to me that the practice of checking things for the "right number" of races, sexes, ages, or whatever, is kind of missing the point - Surely it shouldn't really matter, should it?

Unless, I suppose, it's relevant to the internal logic of the setting or the script of something. For example, it wouldn't be convincing to see a pink Frenchman play Bob Marley, nor a brown Nigerian woman play James Bond, or Heathcliff, because we know the background of these characters.
In this case, logically, the Harry Potter books have the "feel" of being set quite a while ago, when the populace of their setting of "middle England" would not have been so diverse anyway, so it makes sense. When I was a child in Norfolk, only 25-30 years ago, everyone was that same boring pinky-type English colour, and anyone from Wales or Scotland, was a rarity. To meet someone from another country, or of another skin colour was really unusual & interesting.

Anyway, I've rattled on enough! I really enjoyed the first two movies (not as good as the books, but then they never are), and am looking forward to this new one no end...