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Posted By: Dickmac
19-May-04 - 06:28 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Willie Macnamara (Matt McGinn)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE DUNDEE GHOST (Matt McGinn)
(Matt McGinn)

Now a deid men seldom walks they very seldom talk
It's no very often you see them runnin aroon
But I am a refugee frae a graveyard in Dundee
And I've come tae haunt Some hooses in Glesca toon

Noo the reason I arose was tae get masel some clothes
Fur it really gets hell o' a cold below the grun (ground)
But then I whispered tae ma sel' I think I might as well
Hang aroon fur a while and have some fun

A man put out his light on a cold and wintery night
I showed him one o' ma ees (eyes) and a slapped his heid
He said "Oh" and I said "Boo" He said who the hell are you
A said don't be feared am only a man that's deid

Noo the fella knelt and prayed and this is what he said
Why in the name o' God have you picked on me
So I pulled away his rug and slapped him wan on the lug
The reason fur that I'll very soon let you see

When he brought the polis in I battered him wan on the chin
The polis turned aroon and he blamed ma fren (friend)
He marched him tae the jail, he'll be in there quite a while
But I'll see naboby steals his single end (a wee house)

The polis thought him daft and a lot o' people laughed
When the fella said a ghost wis in his hoose
But whit the fella said wis true and a might be visiting you
Fur don't forget that I'm still on the lose

Check out for words of"hundreds" of Scottish and Irish songs and a link to the Matt Mcginn site.

Matt had a wonderful talent, a very funny man who I was fortunate to see performing frequently back in the 60's. Along with my wife we once even managed a spot on the same gig.
Keep singing his songs.