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Posted By: Rt Revd Sir jOhn from Hull
17-May-04 - 08:12 PM
Thread Name: Sorcha in Hull
Subject: RE: Sorcha in Hull
Heloo, we went to the pub, and loads of people went, like el ted, and oaklet, and sofire, and george 9 skipjack9, and narrow, and loads of peple like that,
and we went to that beverley road pub, and then we went to ADelpihi, aand it was really nice, and El Ted and Sofia did some songs, and Nahrow did some tunes, and it was really nice, and SOrcha was going to do some tunes, but she had too many bears, so just listened.
and some other people went, but i forgot who they was,
and sorcha enjoyed it, and said 2 hull is really nice, i wisch i came here before2.

then we went to the kebab ship on nEwLand AVe, and we got 2 big massive kebabs, and i know that bloke waht owns that place, so he put loads of meet in them, and it was really nice.,
and he give me a can of coke as well, 9worth 50p; [thats 10 shillings in old money!

he's called ABdull, he's got a citren AX, they are shit, i had one, it was rubbish, you can see them in auction for about 100 quid,
i dont know waht he bought it for, they are rubbish.john

ps, my frend called Mahmood works there as well, he pays guitar, and he is called Mahmood.john