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Posted By: Big Tim
12-May-04 - 10:55 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Willie Macnamara (Matt McGinn)

Old Johnny Bull, was a silly old fool,
He was drunk both night and day,
He swore that the hair on his head was fair,
But the ruddy old stuff was grey, was grey,
The ruddy old stuff was grey.
(First verse is also chorus)

With his umbrella and a great "Huzza"!
He set out o'er the seas,
Kicked every black, till he started to connect????
And he crawled home on his knees.

He put up his mitts to his old pal Fritz,
Saying, "I'll soon stop your larks",
Till the mighty Pound was held to the ground,
And arose for a million Marks.

He tried for a dance from La Belle France,
In a great big fancy ball,
She cried "disgrace" and she slapped his face,
And she barred him from the Hall.
[De Gaulle's 'non' to UK in Common Market??]

He didn't have a bone, so he went for a loan,
To his friends in the USA,
Says Uncle Sam, as he stuck him in the pram,
"To Hell now, all the way".

Now to end this tale, his heart did fail,
After several false alarms,
When the shovel??came in, he did look thin,
Though he still had mighty [nuclear??] arms.


Maggie, Nellie, and Mary Ann,
Lizzie, Wullie and Phil McCann,
Get yer jaiket and don't be late,
Murder polis in the Gallowgate.
(First verse is also chorus).

In the Gallowgate on a Friday night,
Folk'll gather tae see the sights,
They come fae miles and miles aroon,
- Ten O'Clock when the pubs shut doon.

The "time-up" bell began tae ring,
Then the barmaid began tae fling,
Big souls, wee souls, every kind,
Aa stone drunk wi the cheap red wine.

First man oot was big Shug [Hugh] Grant,
"Up the Celtic", wis his chant,
He roars it oot just tae show who's boss,
He shouts "up Rangers" at Brigton Cross!

Blackpool May?? came oot and ran,
Followed by a wee fat man,
If she catches him, she'll surely choke,
She drank his wine and she picked his poke!

Danny Holmes?? came oot tae fight,
Threatens every man in sight,
He grins and fa's and he's oot the game,
His wife'll murder him when he gets hame!

Two big polis are the nixt we see,
"Eat the Hoose"?? and John McPhee,
Into the public hoose they ran,
[For a] Late night drink wi the Publican!