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Posted By: Jim Dixon
03-May-04 - 10:18 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Warlike Lads of Russia
I transcribed this from the Bodleian Library Broadside Ballads, Harding B 25(246). Parts of this broadside are illegible, but I was able to make a reasonable guess at the words by comparing it to the lyrics Suzanne posted above. Corrections are welcome.


When Bonaparte from Russia into Moscow went,
With his troops in full glee, and their minds fully bent
To take the Russian country, O, they were full employ'd,
But Russians fought against them and soon they were destroy'd.

CHORUS: The warlike lads of Russia, they fought all in one mind;
Made Bonaparte to run and leave his troops behind.

When from Moscow City the Russians did retreat,
Neither Boney nor his men not any thing could get.
When from Moscow City the Russians took flight,
They set the town on fire and burnt it down that night. CHORUS

Burnt all away before them, and every foot they set,
Lest Boney near his army no shelter could they get.
Damn it, says bold Russia, I'll have you in a crack.
I'll make you remember this before you do get back. CHORUS

So in a little while, O, the Russians did attack,
Against Boney and his army, kill'd, took, and drove 'em back.
But the action being so hot, from right, left, front, and rear,
O damn it, says poor Boney, I'll stay no longer here. CHORUS

So off went Bonaparte as hard as he could ride.
The poor Frenchmen looked after him, saying, 'tis very hard
You should bring us all up here, and leave us in such a state.
You ought to stop along with us and share the same fate. CHORUS

But away went Boney as hard as he could run,
O'er hedges and ditches; left horses, men, and guns.
His boxes and matches, ammunition and waggons too,
He left them all behind him. What else could he do? CHORUS

There full 80,000 men from me they've kill'd or ta'en,
Besides 10,000 horses fine and 200 pieces of cannon;
But yet I must to Paris. To France I must advance,
For if I don't, I may be sure they'll teach me how to dance. CHORUS

Now to conclude this wondrous tale and finish my song,
Boney's men in Russia swore they wish they'd hold of him.
The cruelest death they'd put him to that e'er a man befell.
Stop, stop a bit, says Boney. I'm now clear of you all. CHORUS