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Posted By: wysiwyg
24-Apr-04 - 11:56 PM
Thread Name: A Very Special Shawl
Subject: A Shawl Presented
Mmario completed the shawl so quickly (April 16th) that it became possible to do something special with the presentation of it to Heather. I'd like to share just the bare outline of it with all of you who participated.... it's Heather's now and we've assured her she does not need to feel pressured about how and when to respond, but I know folks are wondering what's happened.

Anyway, while it was getting finished, we were consulting various folks on the best way to deliver it. MMario brought the just-completed shawl here Saturday, April 17. By then Big Mick had hooked me up with Paul & Bev Mills, close friends of the Fieldings in Toronto, who a number of people had recommended to present it sensitively to Heather in person.

I visited FedEx first thing Monday AM, the 19th. I packed the shawl in the same bag MMario had brought it in, folded by his hands, and in fact never touched it myself or unfolded it. I can't quite describe the feeling of having it here in my house, and waiting for Fed Ex to open... It just seemed too personal to handle; sacred; solemn.   

Well, with some fancy footwork by FedEx, and wonderfully compassionate help from their local agent (I had never done FedEx and was clueless), we were able to get it to Paul & Bev in time to add to the significance to the gift. Therefore, despite having to cross the border and clear Customs, the shawl reached the Mills' home by noon the next day, Tuesday, April 20.

Paul and Bev presented the shawl to Heather over dinner at their home, that same night-- the night of the first month's anniversary of Rick's passing. Paul described it to me as a very emotional and moving presentation. How could it have been otherwise?

I have assured Paul that we do not need Heather to rush her thanks.... that our part was the making and sending, and she can take her time telling us about it, if ever.... Also, to avoid overwhelming Heather, I suggested Animaterra to represent all the shawl participants for Heather to contact first. A few of you know that an auctioned shawl mysteriously found its way to Animaterra not too long ago, for many of the same reasons Heather's shawl was created. So it all kind of comes full circle.

I would like to add to what Mmario has said, about the way things came together in marvelous ways.... there are a thousand details I could describe by now that indicate to me that this was all supposed to happen just as it did. Everytime I needed any sort of help, it was there, a beat before I needed it.

And I would like to thank you all for the kind words of appreciation you directed to me; but you know, like all of us, I only wish that I could have done so much more, and it has been quite a privilege to be part of YOUR response. It's all of you who deserve thanks-- thanks for getting on board so fast, for saying such wonderfully personal things in this thread, via PMs, and in email. Thanks for reaching out under circumstances when no one knows the right thing to say (because there IS no right thing).

Thanks for offering love and tangible support in the face of the grimness of loss and the depth of mourning.

You did good-- all of you characters. You did real good.