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Posted By: Leadfingers
23-Apr-04 - 05:27 PM
Thread Name: Sorcha and Kendall to UK! For Real!
Subject: RE: Sorcha and Kendall to UK! For Real!
Latest Update as I am now home and released from Chuffering duties!

Following a superb session in the Black Lion on Sunday , we eventually stopped nattering and tried to get some sleep at Micca and Cats place.

Monday am I was out far too early as a neighbour couldnt be bothered to read the note on my jalopy saying where I was and just sat there blowing his bloody horn til I moved my heap out of his way!

Nice drive down to Stonehenge in FILTHY weather , and had a quick look then on to Avebury for a slightly slower look - NO seven pounds fifty admission at Avebury - then on to Darkest Somerset , staying with friends (Not Catters) . Tuesday was Glastonbury , The Abbey , The Chalice Well (TOTAL Tranquility in a lovely garden) and most of the way up the Tor . Sadly Vertigo and strong winds precluded getting all the way up . Tuesday night was a Bijou Bashette in the Carrisbrook
in Compton Dundon with my old mate from 'No Turn Unstoned'

Wednesday a liesurely drive through even MORE rain acroos Exmoor with a quick look in at Linmouth , then on to Tintagel in much brighter weather - The handrails helped despite the steepness of the steps and we got to the top of the Castle , before heading back up to Boscastle.
Had an excellent Pizza in the Cobweb and then adjourned to the Wellie
for the session there . Some lovely singers in Boscastle by the way!

Did our tour of the Museum of Witchcraft Thursday before heading across to Torrington where we were made very welcome by the ladies at the Visitors centre , who received Torrington Wyoming pheasant badges
from Sorcha and agreed they ought to do a Cavalier badge for Torrington Devon.

On to Motorways then for the run up to Cardiff where we met Sian , Splottman and Nigel Parsons - A shame we missed Gareth - Cant work out how ! Crashed out at Sian's place in Carmarthen , then a nice easy
two hundred mile drive to Windsor so Sorcha could at least SEE the castle though only from the outside. Then an easy drive all the way round the M25 to drop her off in Plaistow , a quick coffee and then drive all the way back round to get home just after The Archers finished. Furter instalments and embellishments will no doubt be following from who ever gets Sorch next . But thats the first week sorted out any way .