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Posted By: Skipjack K8
04-Apr-04 - 02:05 PM
Thread Name: Job for Accordionist
Subject: RE: Job for Accordionist
Peter, as far as I am concerned with that outer row of buttons, kraakens be there, as it is over the edge of the world. Only reach as far as the major 7ths, and then only on Sundays.

What you say is quite correct about building minor chords out of major chords and basses, and I have had to do it this very day. I had a go at singing 'Hard Times Come Again No More' with the box, and found that the key of E suited my vocal range the best. The problem is that the minor chord, and God in his heaven knows what it is called, does not exist on the top end of my 72 bass range, so I had to construct it with an E major chord and the C# counterbass. I have just taken ages to work out what that bugger is called, as I play by mathematical patterns, so the notes just have spacial coordinates rather than names. I know stuff about keys purely for communicating with other musicians who want to share a tune.