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Posted By: Big Tim
02-Apr-04 - 05:41 AM
Thread Name: DDay for smoking ban in Ireland
Subject: RE: DDay for smoking ban in Ireland
I wish they'd ban it in Tunisia where I was recently. ALL the men there smoke, seems to be a macho thing. Our guide in Tunis asked me for a light and couldn't believe it when I told him I didn't use "cancer sticks". Our hotel lounge (filled mostly with locals)was just one big cloud of smoke, which we had to pass through going to and from the restaurant. We'd have liked to have taken in some of the evening entertainments but couldn't because of the poisonous cloud.

The tobacco companies seem to targetting these sort of "emerging nations" (Marlboro was the hip smoke), who are building up a huge health problem for future generations to deal with. As they will run out of water in 20 years time, the money would be much better spent on desalination plants.

For a brilliantly funny description of a smoker's hotel room, see Joseph O'Connor's book "Sweet Liberty". (Yes Sinead's brother, currently with a big hit on his hands, "Star of the Sea").