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Posted By: The Fooles Troupe
29-Mar-04 - 08:31 PM
Thread Name: Job for Accordionist
Subject: RE: Job for Accordionist
Hi Alex,

it's good to see you post here - checked out your site ages ago. We chatted in the Mudchat the other night & I mentioned the thread here on Accordion Techniques. I would be delighted if you wanted to contribute.

Technique: Piano Accordion for The Recycled Muso

If you ever make it out to Australia, I would be delighted to chat with you and listen to you play.

Perhaps you may be able to access a PC with a microphone from time to time to join the Paltalk acouostic session: we'd sure love to hear you (and any others who accompany you) live.

With regard to your website, I found a small problem. Because of my minor disability, I have my PC set up a certain way. Because of this, the print on many of your pages is far too small for me to read. I can't do anything about this, because of the system that you use on your website (supplied by your website provider - Flash) - it has set the font size (in concrete) and I can't adjust it larger to make it readable at my end.