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Posted By: gnomad
27-Mar-04 - 09:47 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: He must have been a Mormon
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: He must have been a Mormon
The Co-Operative movement is particularly strong in the north of England, though somewhat weakened now from its heyday.

It is quite likely that the Co-Op would also be the funeral directors, as they provide(d) a wide range of services to the community. Several of my friends can recite their mother's Co-Op "Divi" number fifty years after they last heard it used in real life, and more than one claim it is the first thing they can remember learning. The Co-Op loomed very large in the life of many families, especially in the period 1900-65ish.

The ham part, well you'll be familiar with the butchery aspect, so I won't explain that. I think Keith would be describing that a "high tea" was provided to the mourners. This is still quite usual in the north (in the south too for all I know) and would consist of mainly cold dishes, such as a ham salad, plus tea, and serious quantities of baked goods. To consume a typical northern high tea takes stamina, and often a slackening of the belt.