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09-Sep-99 - 07:38 AM
Thread Name: Callino Casturame
Subject: RE: Callino Casturame
Thanks Ciarn and Phillipa. It seems better known than I thought. I suppose because I was reading literature by musicologists instead of Celtic experts (Celtologists?)

Phillipa. How you print callinos depends upon what kind of programs you have. You need a program that manipulates JPEG files--or one that converts them to some other type file that you can manipulate. You can, download the files (how again depends on your browser--with netscape you click on the blue clicky thing above while holding down the "shift" key) and then look around for a way to manipulate the files. This will be different from yours; but, for example, on my system I would download the files. Then I have a program called "xv" that will allow me to adjust the size to fit A4 paper. I suspect your program that does the same job will have a different name, because I don't think "xv" is available for windows or Mac.