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Posted By: Strollin' Johnny
29-Feb-04 - 01:27 AM
Thread Name: BS: Can't run a force without acronyms
Subject: RE: BS: Can't run a force without acronymns

Sorry to get heavy in a hitherto pretty light thread, but one of your lines just got right up my snitch:-

"Apparently when a cop is deemed bright enough not to lick the end of his/her pencil before writing, he gets promoted to detective-something........."

My brother-in-law is a cop. He's a traffic cop, a constable not a 'detective-something' - you'd probably regard him as a thick neo-nazi motorist-persecutor, but he does a few useful things too, like picking up the body-parts littering the scene of a motorway accident, helping the mortuary attendant to get those parts onto the slab and into some semblance of order so they can be identified, and breaking the news to and comforting the parents of the 15-year-old car-thief whose body-parts he's just been handling.

He's also a member of MENSA. Is that bright enough for you?

I don't know where you're based but, if not in the UK, you should know that our police have a shitty job to do, they do it with minimal personal protection (no guns, just a can containing 4 seconds-worth of CS spray which, when used, often disables not only the violent assailant but also the policeman trying to subdue him, and a baton, even the drawing of which is now discouraged by the police hierarchy in certain constabularies because 'it's an inappropriate display of aggression'), in the main they do it very well and with good humour. It's disappointing to see them made the victims of a cheap stereotypical slap-down in what I'd guess is supposed to be an intelligent thread. If you view them with such apparent disdain, why do you devour crime-fiction in which the cops almost always win?

I await with interest the deluge of PC anti-police rhetoric which I just KNOW is about to fall on my aging, bald and very tired head!

Johnny :0)