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28-Feb-04 - 11:32 AM
Thread Name: BS: Can't run a force without acronyms
Subject: RE: BS: Can't run a force without acronymns
Good on you, Gurney. Even JCB? It's nice to encounter another mystery lover. And now for the answers.

Bob Ingrams of Bath CID hardly noticed the rain...
CID = Criminal Investigation Division
The DCI began to pace the room. "I hope we have the PM soon."

DCI - Detective Chief Inspector. There's also

DC, Detective Constable
DS, Detective Sergeant
DI, Detective Inspector

Apparently, when a cop is deemed bright enough not to lick the end of her/her pencil before writing, he gets promoted to Detective Something.

One exception would be What's-his-name in Catherine Aird's books, the one they call the Defective Constable.
The SOCO's should arrive shortly.

SOCO = Scene of Crimes Officer. Or is it Scenes of Crime Officer? SOCO has the beauty of avoiding the problem of what's plural and what's not.
..gone to the cottage to get on with some DIY.

DIY = Do-it-yourself, as already noted.
..detained on a charge of GBH.

GBH - Grievous Bodily Harm, a telling phrase. Too bad this old world doesn't have less Grievous Bodily Harm and more Great Blue Herons.
What do we do now? Ask MI5 to find him?

MI = Military Intelligence, though we have Stilly River Sage to thank for the link which shows that it could be Michigan, Malawi or Marching Illini.

Tell, me why it is always MI5? Why not MI4? Don't the other numbers have panache?
The digger driver swore softly as his JCB approached the trench he had dug a week earlier.

JCB = Joseph C. Bamford, or so I'm told. I wouldn't have guessed this in a thousand years.

Now I'm going to the Acronym Finder to check that out.