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Posted By: treewind
14-Feb-04 - 07:24 AM
Thread Name: Review: Eliza Carthy at Home
Subject: RE: Review: Eliza Carthy at Home
1. Is she apologizing for folk-music stereotypes?

I don't get it, unless you mean the quip about the bearded accordionists.

2. Am I naive, or are there some folk who play professionally who love the music and play it even when it isn't their work?
What Roger said (re walking the dog). but also...
I think most of us like listening more than one type of music, and being a performer of a particular sort needn't make you an exception. Anyway listening to other musical styles gives you lots of ideas for developing your own music if you are a creative builder on your own tradition like Eliza is.

I'm a (far from full time) folk performer, and I'm listening to classical music on Radio 3 right now as I often do at home. Doesn't mean I don't like folk music!

3. So the folk music world is still perceived as insular?
"breaking out of its once-insular sphere" doesn't say that - more the opposite. As Eliza says, it's very diverse and hard to pin down, and yes there are pockets of insularity, but anyway that paragraph was about the breaking out.

Yeah, lighten up! It's an article in a national newspaper. All publicity is good publicity! Celebrate!!!