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Posted By: Sourdough
02-Sep-99 - 07:03 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat Radio - Episode I Wed. Night
Subject: RE: Mudcat Radio - Episode I Wed. Night
I loved the program. Thank you guys. I know I could have waited until tomorrow but I wanted to hear the program. ("Seeing" the program was a lagniappe.) I have produced radio and television and I know that even what seems to be the simplest production is often overtaken by the tyranny of technology. *You* prevailed. Just for that, you get an extra twenty points.

I had the very pleasant experience of playing along with much of th emusic. I really enjoyed Bert's "Size Doesn't Matter". By the third chorus, I felt I owned the song. I might have woken my wife because I was getting a little carried away - it is a fine chorus.

I wish Sandy and Caroline had been on long enough to talk about the pleasures of collecting. I often fantasized what it would be like to discover a song and then, listening to some of the Library of Congress recordings I wondered if I would recognize a treasure. Most songs, it seems to me, don't present themselves all smoothed out. I would think you have to develop a sense of what a song could sound like as well as the very necessary appreciation for what the song is. I would like very much to hear what the Warners had to say about that, too.

As a part of my work, over the past ten years or more, I have done a lot of oral history recordings and have met a variety of people. By my standards, many of these people are close-minded and wrong-headed about what I think are important life topics but there are other parts of these same people that are warm, charming and caring. I have always had trouble integrating my real affection for these people with my disappointment about their close-mindedness. It sounds as though a number of people around Mudcat have dealt with this problem in collecting songs. Maybe I should start a thread. Anyway, thanks for the program and I was astonished at the quality of the sound.