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Posted By: katlaughing
01-Sep-99 - 11:04 PM
Thread Name: Mudcat Radio - Episode I Wed. Night
Subject: RE: Mudcat Radio - Episode I Wed. Night
Max, Bert & Howie: Just got done listening to the archive. It is far-phucking out!! You did good, guys! I loved the video; so neat to see where the Muducat actually "lives" and to put voices with the faces. Thank you, thank you. Max Headroom eat your heart out....the Mudder's in town!!!

Bert, thanks for mentioning my granddad's poem, Home Range. Your song was hilarious and well-done. I'd love to hear more of yours. Max, you are a great bluesman. Love your voice.

Sandy and sound just as kind and dear and full of folk-wisdom/stories as I've some to know through Sandy's postings. The little bird must've been precious and an otter in your pond? What magic your music must weave. I am sure your place is like heaven, blessed by the Green Man.

I am just sitting here in amazement at the Mudcat, you guys, all the Mudders and the wonderment we call the WWW. Wondering how in the world we all got along before knowing each other through this incredible medium.

Maybe someday, we can set it up for live feeds from around the world and see various bunches of us, on the show, singing and playing our hearts out. I've a great broadcast engineer who'll help out.

Thank the gawds and gawdesses. It was wonderful!