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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
13-Jan-04 - 02:48 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Billy Boy
Subject: RE: Origins: Billy Boy
Here is the tune for the MacNeill redaction.

T:My Boy Tammy
C:Words Hector MacNeill, c.1791. Tune traditional.
B:Scots Musical Museum, VI, 1803, no.502
N:SMM prints 3/16 note in 4th bar as 1/8
N:Roud 326, Child 12 (appendix)
D3/2 E/ F3/2 G/ (A3/2=B/) c2|(G3/2A/) (G3/2F/) E/ C3/2 z|
w:Whaur hae ye been a'_ day, my_ boy_ Tam-my?
D3/2 E/ F3/2 G/ (A3/2=B/) c2|(Af) (ed) A/ d3/2 z d|
w:Whar hae ye been a'_ day, my_ boy_ Tam-my? I've
d3/2 e/ f3/2 d/ c3/2 B/ A2|F3/2 A/ c3/2 A/ G3/2 E/ C2|
w:been by burn and flow'r-y brae, Mea-dow green and moun-tain grey,
d3/2 f/ e3/2 f/ d2 A2|F3/2 G/ A3/2 G/ F/ D3z/|]
w:Court-ing o' this young thing, just come frae her mam-my.

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