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Posted By: Maffet
08-Jan-04 - 04:19 AM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Sephardic songs/ Era Escuro
Subject: RE: Tune Req: Sephardic songs/ Era Escuro
Q this is great! Great! I downloaded all folder! Thank you! Thank you!
I know El Rey de Francia from Azam Ali and one lovely version from Owain Phyfe and I have found lyrics. It's great to sing. Unhappily I live in Prague so sources are very low. We have one recording artist who do sephardic songs and created songbook with most known 10 songs like Los Billbilicos or Durme, Durme. It's Jana Lewitova and many medieval bands use this songbook, so all this songs are a bit.... too frequent. :-) ... and there is so many other lovely songs around. For example tres Hermanicas are absolutly unknown songs just like Era Eascuro or others and I felt in love with them. I will surely search for The Nico Castel Ladino Song Book, you mentioned. It sound like a good source, I will try to find some page with list of songs included inside. Thank you again and wish you a lot of joy with music :-)