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Posted By: Bill D
07-Jan-04 - 07:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: On the cowardly nature of GUEST postings
Subject: RE: BS: On the cowardly nature of GUEST postings
one more time (in response to Ella)...I am not against in principle people remaining 'non members'. Being registered has certain advantages, for both the member and for others, as it makes 'private' communications possible when needed, but it is NOT a big issue. The issue is, and has always been, those who use anonymity to hide while behaving rudely. (read again my post of 5 Jan. 1:01PM)
I am a bit weary of the generalization that objection to nasty anonymity implies objection to *all* those who choose not to join. It is polite to use a consistant name when posting, even when one's remarks are not polite or friendly, and lack of this courtesy will indeed get remarks made about it.

to satchel-
I'm very sorry you were put off by some postings, and I have indeed read some of yours--which were, as you say, interesting & helpful--but being a member or not will not change their post or yours. You do cut yourself off from some advantages in remaining un-registered, but as far as *I* am concerned you are welcome here anyway! ANYONE who simply joins in the daily routine here in a decent way, as you have done, is welcome...(and 'most' others agree with me.. I am trying to think of exactly who does not...)

Being a 'member' does not make you less anonymous, if you don't publish details about yourself, though, and I must disagree with your claim that...."even anonymous posts can be traced by the appropriate law enforcement agencies, at least to the computer from which they were sent."
As I said in response to Clinton a ways back, that is only true IF the poster is careless. It is quite possible to post in ways that make it extremely difficult to identify you, even to determined law enforcement agencies. Perhaps the one who threatened mousethief took enough precautions that cursory investigations were inadequate. I won't post HOW that can be done, although is is not a big secret. (No need encouraging that behaviour to those who don't need to know, and only want to harass.)

"Membership" here allows you to do wonderful things like getting a list of all the posts made since you last visited, 'tracing' interesting threads so you don't have to look them up again days or months later, exchange ideas and comments privately with other members (well, some consider that a wonderful thing..*wry smile*). Being a member lets you visit a 'live' chat room, if that interests you. (I found it invaluble when planning our Folk Society's Getaway last October, as ideas could be exchanged minute by minute.) Being a member allows you to keep a list of bookmarks to other folk related sites, and to search ones collected by others.
I'm sure I've forgotten something, but that's the story. Being a member does NOT put you in some 'elite', as there are thousands of them. It does not 'identify' you, except by general IP#, and THAT is not available to general membership!

Still, if one wishes to use non-membership as some sort of protest against perceived problems, I can only shrug and repeat...*I* will not fret about it unless you use anonymity to create strife and ill will.

If, for some reason, you are curious about who this nut is who keeps pounding away at this issue, here is the bare beginnings of a website my wife and I are trying to start (HTML doesn't come easy to everyone) and here I/we am, in all my/our glory.... I do all this typing because I TRULY want this amazing site to be the happiest, most interesting place possible, and just 'maybe' I can ease some minds....(yes, and maybe I have bored you to tears *weak grin*...but even after 7+ years, I think it's all worth the effort.