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Posted By: Thomas the Rhymer
07-Jan-04 - 02:40 AM
Thread Name: BS: On the cowardly nature of GUEST postings
Subject: RE: BS: On the cowardly nature of GUEST postings
And thankfully those who remain in the fold
Even when the wind blows, to equate with the bold
As people are needed, all open and daring
To be unimpeded, with sharing and caring

The problem for me is anonymous grating
With no need to agree, with a posture berating
And scarcely a mention of rather good wishes
For the betterment of our good sleep so delicious

And who am I really to say what is right?
As my questions are silly, and let people fight
But I do seek resolve, in what ways that we can
For we all revolve, and evolve as a plan

And always it's effort, to mean what we say
As nameless aggressors, send benders our way
These actors premeditate, hurtful entedre
With no thought to mediate, but stab and then wander

So, without here a kinship, these authors astray
Will find here no friendship, but demons to slay
And to win lonely battles, with only one fighting
Are but cowardly prattles,'s these that I'm slighting.