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Posted By: Cluin
06-Jan-04 - 03:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: On the cowardly nature of GUEST postings
Subject: RE: BS: On the cowardly nature of GUEST postings
I understand all that, BillD. I just think you have the choice to not let an attack (from either an anonymous GUEST or a named member) derail a thread. Because it really doesn't matter all that much. It's all just words on a screen--typed by real people certainly, but they don't "live" here 24/7. Neither do you. It's just not that big a deal; take the good that you can get from it and forget the rest.

I've watched concise, constructive posts (both by GUESTs and members) pass pretty much ignored in worthwhile threads, while spurious one-liner attacks garner far more attention than they deserve, with the result being that the thread turns into one long bicker. Then the "anti-GUEST" rant resurfaces.

Remember when your mom told you to ignore a pest or bully and maybe he'll get bored and go away? Well, that could actually work here.

And my name is Rick Deevey and I live in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and I'd like to play music with you too (or anyone else here) some time. And I'd consider that time spent far more valuable than any time spent on the internet at all (although this is a very good place to come... one of the best I've found. Thanks, Max).

Have a good day, all!