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Posted By: Bill D
06-Jan-04 - 01:10 PM
Thread Name: BS: On the cowardly nature of GUEST postings
Subject: RE: BS: On the cowardly nature of GUEST postings
the phrase "just the internet" is fascinating. It seems to imply that there are no real people behind it. I refer you to Ebbie's post above....
If you get a letter from someone which insults you or belittles your religion, mother or school, is that "just a letter"? How about the same remarks made in a telephone call? What about if they are on stage and see you in the audience and make the same remarks over the PA system?

Yeah, it is possible to 'not open' a thread, but sometimes you have read the upsetting stuff before you realize what it is it any less real because you can't SEE the author?

Quite apart from whether one should allow one's "chain to be yanked", it is fascinating how some people USE the internet to unleash aspects of their personality that they 'probably' do not show in **reality**. Why do folks use anonymity or psuedonyms to troll, ridicule, bait, insult, complain, disparage etc., in ways that they would probably not do if they met someone at a party?

I have no problem with 'Martin Gibson' as a guest name, any more than catspaw or SINSULL or Pene Azul. The name could be used either as a member, or, as he chooses, as a non-member. If the name is merely to keep a real name private , he 'could' be a member without revealing that real name, but, as he says, it makes little difference in matters like discussing Bluegrass songs. The issue, and the only real issue is that often, anonymity is used to insult and threaten and hurt.. and to post long, tedious rants (like 'ol "Dreaded Guest" from Texas"). I DO have a problem with THAT!

This is a big world, and we have widely different opinions and VERY different ways of expressing them. We have 'members' whose identity is well known, and couldn't care less if the forum knows what they think, and we have NON-members with names who do care...and several other combinations...but it soon becomes evident who has a chip-on-the-shoulder attitude and disdain for the opinions and feelings of others. Can't stop that, I guess, but YOU are real, whether we know who you are- or not, and what you say DOES affect folks in whose company it is said--VT or RT. If you wanta make lots of those comments negative, sarcastic, hurtful ones, expect replies in a similar vein.

Bill Day...Wheaton, MD.,USA ...come by and we'll PLAY some music (or debate, if you'd prefer)...I play autoharp.