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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
03-Jan-04 - 06:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: On the cowardly nature of GUEST postings
Subject: RE: BS: On the cowardly nature of GUEST postings
Now GUESTS with a name can be well worth perusing,
And much that they write is informed or amusing;
But those who insist on declining all handles
Persistently tend to become vicious vandals.
And even when nameless GUESTS write something wise
They soon get confused with the rancorous cries
Of venom exuded by some nameless clone
Who is ready and willing to cast the first stone.

And if you decide to reply to some ghost
It's essential to add date and time of their post,
To avoid the confusion of multiple GUESTS
Who all use the same name, so it gets in a mess.
And the moral of this isn't hard to explain,
It's that manners dictate friendly GUESTS use a name.
Be it ever so fleeting, be it quite evanescent,
A name makes a thread more straightforward and pleasant.

So all GUESTS are welcome, of that there's no question,
So long as they're willing to take that suggestion -
And as for the rest, they just spoil my digestion.